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Feedback score: 99.43%

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Always helpful and keeps me going! Fast shipping too! Glucose Down 2oz 01/14/2018
As always, great service Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 01/07/2018
It was easy and quick Lugols Iodine 2% 12/30/2017
Always a pleasure great products ships fast A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Glucose Down 2oz 12/28/2017
Only the best stuff and confidence in her products. Very pleased Diatomaceous Earth (Silica) Supplement 8oz, etc. 12/18/2017
I feel blessed that I can have someone like a place to heal in my corner. Thanks a million Sage 2oz, etc. 12/12/2017
I love the Irish sea moss. I love that shipping is free. I ordered on Friday and it got here on Mon. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 12/03/2017
I can always count on her. Seems like she knows more than Doctors do! Kidney 2oz 11/29/2017
Everything went as expected, product as advertised, and quick shipping. Alpiste Seed 4lbs 11/28/2017
Fastest delivery ever from any purchase online plus the product is excellent! Boldo tea leaves (wildcrafted) 1oz 11/24/2017
Marie was informative and patient. I had an excellent experience with her and would recommend her. Phone Consultation 11/08/2017
Always prompt to ship and answers any questions. Kidney 2oz 11/04/2017
no mention of date of arrival on order or does that come with 'order received' confirmation notice? Lugols Iodine 2%, etc. 11/01/2017
Thank you! We wish you love and good health! Boldo tea leaves (wildcrafted) 1oz 10/31/2017
Always ships on time. Very well packaged products. Glucose Down really lowers glucose without crash. Glucose Down 2oz 10/19/2017
Fast shipping. Products do their job! Kidney 2oz 10/09/2017
It was easy to order, came in the mail promptly and I'm grateful for this Irish moss ! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 10/04/2017
Dad's kidneys are getting better. Thank you for making these wonderful products. The Kidney Power Trio (Save $8!) 10/02/2017
I received my products quickly and they were all put in protective wrapping. Great quality products! Glucose Down 2oz, etc. 09/25/2017
Website very user friendly... good prices. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 09/22/2017
Great product!! Fast Shipping Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 09/20/2017
It's all wonderful as usual. Tummy Tamer 2oz 09/11/2017
Love the products. No negative feedback from me. Get Mineralized! 4 oz 09/09/2017
I have no negative response. The product does what it was meant to do. I am satisfied with merchant. Magnesium Oil 8oz 09/08/2017
Her products have been very helpful in my pursuit if better health. I am satisfied with merchandise. Lugols Iodine 2% 09/06/2017
Very fast service. Quality product. Super awesome lady. $5 Question 09/01/2017
Perfect Service a Life saver Olive Leaf Extract, etc. 08/31/2017
The kidney helps take the swelling out. The tincture enable for me to walk and stand longer. Love Kidney 2oz, etc. 08/30/2017
LoVE IT Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 08/30/2017
Not too happy with info. $5 Question 08/28/2017
Wonderful service, as usual. Great product! Tummy Tamer 2oz 08/17/2017
Enormously powerful product especially if you've had gastric bypass and suffer from anemia! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 08/16/2017
Always a pleasure to buy from Glucose Down 2oz 08/13/2017
easy, quick! arrived priority mail! thks 2 a place to heal. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 08/12/2017
Have not received it yet. Lugols Iodine 2% 08/10/2017
It made me so sick. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 08/07/2017
It was very easy to navigate and very easy to order. Thank you !! Olive Leaf Extract 08/04/2017
Great product and fast service & delivery!! This is my 3rd time buying!! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 08/02/2017
Merchant very professional and responds to emails promptly. I look forward to continuing business. Get Mineralized! 4 oz, etc. 08/01/2017
I love the pl Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 07/23/2017
Very helpful with health issues. Also ships extremely fast! Glucose Down 2oz 07/20/2017
A+++fast shipment wonderful products Glucose Down 2oz, etc. 07/10/2017
Good stuff!!! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 07/08/2017
As always, my order was shipped right out and my product was fantastic! Marie's products are wonderf Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 06/29/2017
A Place to Heal Products were delivered very fast and nicely packaged. Thanks. Great product. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 06/27/2017
Hello Marie, I received my iron tonic very fast. Thank you. I really hope it helps. Meredith Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 06/24/2017
Wonderful products, fast delivery, great customer service,caring people! Tummy Tamer 2oz 06/12/2017
Great service. Very fast shipping! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 06/09/2017
Thank you very much. Lugols Iodine 2% 05/31/2017
Quick delivery and easy to order! MSM powder supplement 1lb. 05/30/2017
Keep up the good work Marie! Organic Coffee, etc. 05/28/2017
Five Star, Services, Information, Packaging, Quality product! Will be my source for Alpiste. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 05/14/2017
I love eCrater!!! Lots and lots of great stuff here!!! I'll definitely be back :) Chanca piedra 2oz, etc. 05/12/2017
Received order in good time. Products were as described. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz, etc. 05/10/2017
The Irish Moss seem to be what I really needed in my aresenal, to help me obtain optimal health. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 05/07/2017
As always I LOVE Marie's products, videos and advice! Thank you! Olive Leaf Extract, etc. 04/24/2017
Always a pleasure to buy from quick shipping TMG (Betaine Trimethylglycine) 750MG-8oz powder 04/21/2017
Received the product ordered on time in new condition. BOILS (Black drawing salve) 2oz 04/13/2017
I ordered olive leaf extract and receiced Lugol's Iodine. I will try again. Olive Leaf Extract 04/13/2017
FANTASTIC products shipped really fast and packaged very well!!! I LOVE IT!!! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 04/11/2017
Great! Alpiste Seed 2lbs, etc. 04/09/2017
Some of the oxygen rich iron tonic leaked out. There was no stopper seal on inside of the lid. Alpiste Seed 1 lb, etc. 04/06/2017
Very friendly and gets orders out extremely fast! Kidney 2oz 04/03/2017
enjoy her videos, they are informative Lugols Iodine 2% 04/03/2017
Received product within 2 days. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 04/01/2017
Order went very well Alpiste Seed 1 lb 03/27/2017
Super easy. didnt take long. wasnt sure if the payment went throug..need a confirmation at end... Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 03/25/2017
Thanks for answering our question. I appreciate the quick response and how the answer was thought of $5 Question 03/23/2017
My item came very quickly with no problems and is working great! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 03/21/2017
I love Marie! She is my go to for medical problems. My orders are ALWAYS shipped very fast! Tummy Tamer 2oz 03/20/2017
A very quick and easy checkout process. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 03/12/2017
Great transaction, got my package fast and totally love the product! Will be purchasing this again!! Skin Tag Removal Stick, etc. 03/09/2017
Marie, you're awesome!!! TMG (Betaine Trimethylglycine) 750MG-8oz powder 03/04/2017
Very prompt and professional service. Tummy Tamer 2oz 03/03/2017
Thank you for quick response $5 Question 02/25/2017
Great service! Just ordered again! Thank you!! Alpiste Seed 2lbs 02/24/2017
So far, so good! Get Mineralized! 4 oz 02/15/2017
Love you Marie! your videos and store have been such a blessing in my life :) Alpiste Seed 2lbs, etc. 02/12/2017
Marie provided sound health advice. In just 10 days I'm seeing improvements in my kidney function. Phone Consultation 02/08/2017
Rapid delivery. Good product quality, step by step follow up, to know when order was rec/delivered. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 01/26/2017
Love both items Lung Strong 2oz, etc. 01/26/2017
Thank you Marie and everyone at a place to heal. Keep up the good work! Please!!! Alpiste Seed 2lbs 01/14/2017
Excellent product. It came super fast just in time for Christmas. God Bless you Marie! Lugols Iodine 2% 01/14/2017
Always on time with delivery & my favorite place to order online. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus, etc. 01/06/2017
trying the products now. Lugols Iodine 2% 12/29/2016
Extremely fast service! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 12/16/2016
Great delivery time, day earlier than quoted Lugols Iodine 2% 12/15/2016
First time viewer/customer. The presentation was so honest that I decided to give this product a try Lugols Iodine 2% 12/13/2016
Answers your questions about products very quickly. Ships very fast. Kidney 2oz 12/02/2016
Fast Delivery,Product is outstanding! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus, etc. 11/28/2016
Always speedy delivery wonderful person to deal with....Mary Olive Leaf Extract 11/20/2016
I always love to watch Marie and order as often as i can from her. Always speedy delivery. Just love Lugols Iodine 2% 11/20/2016
I love it because there is no problems in the ordering thank you Get Mineralized! 4 oz, etc. 11/17/2016
Prompt delivery...thanks so much! Alpiste Seed 1 lb 11/17/2016
Reliable service Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 11/12/2016
Item came early and was packed well. Thank you! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 11/10/2016
very good The Kidney Power Trio (Save $8!) 11/06/2016
Arrived promptly, thank you Lugols Iodine 2% 11/04/2016
Very fast response from the seller, Marie. My order was shipped the same day I placed it! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 11/01/2016
Package arrived undamaged within a reasonable time after ordering. Herbal hormone replacement 10/31/2016
Was very satisfied with the delivery and condition of the package. Get Mineralized! 4 oz 10/30/2016
It was very easy! Alpiste Seed 5lbs, etc. 10/29/2016
Received order 3rd day after placed order. Great service Arthritis Pain 2oz, etc. 10/20/2016
great service, delivery awesome. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/17/2016
Superior Service! Great product, fast delivery! E-mail consultation 10/13/2016
Your a life saver, thank you for getting this so quickly to me!!! God bless Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 10/08/2016
easy order thanks! Lugols Iodine 2% 10/01/2016
Very fast with shipping products. Love the products Olive Leaf Extract, etc. 09/22/2016
Transaction was easy Tummy Tamer 2oz 09/15/2016
Thanks for introducing natural products, I expect positive results after reordering Lugols Iodine 2%, etc. 09/11/2016
Love it. Was mailed and delivered very fast Olive Leaf Extract 09/11/2016
Thx, great. Lugols Iodine 2% 09/10/2016
What can I say about Marie's products. She provides exceptional products and services. Thanks Marie! Adrenal Tea 08/31/2016
Everything came and the instructions were very easy to follow. I am referring this service all. Coffee Enema Kit 08/25/2016
Very very good service thanks Alpiste Seed 5lbs 08/20/2016
i couldn't ask for faster service. Going to re-order today. Alpiste Seed 5lbs, etc. 08/19/2016
I ordered iodine I received Apposite Canary Seed and I cannot find a phone number on the site Lugols Iodine 2% 08/19/2016
I found answer to my question very helpful $5 Question 08/15/2016
I am pleased so far with this transaction Kidney 2oz 08/14/2016
I didn't receive the right product. I wanted the iodine you put on the body only. Lugols Iodine 2% 08/12/2016
I purchased and received my alpiste seeds from Aplacetoheal. It was packaged well for shipping. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 08/08/2016
Always fast with delivery and product is always as presented. I love how clean your tonics are. Adrenal Tea 08/07/2016
Can't wait to get the seeds for my mom and dad. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 08/03/2016
Fast and well packed. Alpiste seed 10Lbs 07/31/2016
THUMBS UP!! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 07/25/2016
Test results are good!!! Thanks for making great products that WORK! Thanks, Marie! Kidney 2oz, etc. 07/24/2016
Haven't had a chance to use it yet. BOILS (Black drawing salve) 2oz 07/22/2016
Just what I wanted, Thanks. E-mail consultation 07/21/2016
Fantastic customer service! ***** Alpiste Seed 5lbs 07/17/2016
The first order was fine. This order both packages leaked. The oxy- tonic taste different. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 07/16/2016
Thank you for the info. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 07/16/2016
Wonderful, fast shipping great packaging, Alpiste Seeds are very clean & Marie is very considerate. Alpiste seed 20Lbs 07/06/2016
My products got to me in sufficient time and well packaged. Will continue to order from them. THX! Alpiste seed 10Lbs 07/02/2016
Perfect. Thanks. Highly recommended! Alpiste Seed 2lbs 07/01/2016
Your package was received in two days. I love you cause you have so much info to help others. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 06/28/2016
This website is absolutely fantastic. My orders arrived so quickly. Just amazing!!! Alpiste Seed 1 lb 06/28/2016
Product arrived immediately (2 days) very happy with delivery process!! Hoping same w/product. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 06/27/2016
Just what we need. Alpiste seed 10Lbs 06/25/2016
Excellent, thanks! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 06/09/2016
Thank you very much!!!!! E-mail consultation 06/09/2016
Perfect!!! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 06/09/2016
Excellent!!! Get Mineralized! 4 oz 06/09/2016
Excellent job as usual. Thanks Alpiste Seed 4lbs 06/06/2016
Great Chanca piedra 2oz 06/06/2016
My order came quick and will be ordering more soon thank you Alpiste Seed 2lbs 06/01/2016
Very good - Thanks Alpiste Seed 5lbs 05/26/2016
VERY FAST SERVICE. THANK YOU! Alpiste Seed 4lbs 05/23/2016
Smokin' fast service from A Place to Heal just like last time. I love ordering from them! Get Mineralized! 4 oz 05/22/2016
MY QUESTION WAS ANSWERED $5 Question, etc. 05/09/2016
Super fast delivery great quality Alpiste Seed 2lbs 05/09/2016
My order arrived quickly. It was packed very well and was exactly what I wanted. Will order again. Get Mineralized! 4 oz 05/08/2016
Ordering & delivery went smoothly. I'm using the product. Consumable Iodine 2oz 05/08/2016
I order my product, and it is immediately sent to me. Good, fast service. I will continue to order Alpiste Seed 5lbs 05/07/2016
Great service, fast delivery! Everything I asked for. Thank you so much. Coffee Enema Kit 05/06/2016
thank you Marie for helping me understand how to help myself in healing my body. Get Mineralized! 4 oz, etc. 05/03/2016
Just going to start trying it but it arrived quickly and nicely packaged, thank you. TMG (Betaine Trimethylglycine) 750MG-8oz powder, etc. 04/18/2016
Very speedy delivery! I am looking forward to getting started with these products.. Lugols Iodine 2%, etc. 04/17/2016
Business that cares about your order and its completeness and satisfaction . Kidney 2oz, etc. 03/27/2016
Its working well. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 03/22/2016
I recieve the order promptly. No really strong or diserable flovor. Alpiste Seed 4lbs 03/20/2016
Very very good Alpiste Seed 5lbs 03/17/2016
Thank you for all your help Lugols Iodine 2% 03/16/2016
Tracking pkg was easy Alpiste Seed 2lbs 03/07/2016
The packaging could be better. Some are air tight and many arent. Alpiste seed 10Lbs 03/03/2016
Extraordinary! A Place to Heal offers superb products, excellent customer service & fast delivery. The Kidney Power Trio (Save $8!), etc. 03/03/2016
You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate all your help. $5 Question 02/25/2016
Have learned so much from Marie. I have diabetes and kidney disease. I will always be following her. Kidney 2oz 02/20/2016
Fast delivery. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 02/18/2016
I received my package quickly and it was packed very well to avoid damage to product. Love product!! Lugols Iodine 2% 02/09/2016
Order came on time and packaged well. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 02/08/2016
checkout was simple and easy. especially with PayPal being an option :) Alpiste Seed 5lbs 02/07/2016
Fast ship, good product. Great packaging. Herbal hormone replacement 02/05/2016
Happy with the services Alpiste Seed 3lbs 02/04/2016
Love the Web site. Love the products I read about, I plan to try some of them soon and want to tel Alpiste seed 10Lbs 02/02/2016
i trust the products and the information from the A place to heal. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 01/31/2016
It was quick and easy. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 01/29/2016
My friend and I are really enjoying the Alpiste seeds. Thank you Alpiste seed 10Lbs 01/26/2016
It arrived in a great time frame. I love the olive leaf extract. The Alpiste seed tried once. Alpiste seed 10Lbs, etc. 01/24/2016
My first time is very good thank Alpiste Seed 1 lb 01/21/2016
Quick ship. Thanks Alpiste Seed 3lbs 01/16/2016
This product is amazing it has really helped my son with his sickle cell anemia.. Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 01/11/2016
The customer service was great, order arrived quickly and I like product! Herbal hormone replacement 01/02/2016
I was never contacted. Please call 747-203-1103. Answers as "Eileen". Frank, Thank you. Phone Consultation 01/02/2016
Received fast service on my order. I will order from here again. Thank you Alpiste Seed 2lbs 12/26/2015
had a great experience Lugols Iodine 2% 12/18/2015
Very helpful, no complaints. Highly recommend. Phone Consultation 12/18/2015
Just awesome products from Marie Olive Leaf Extract 12/13/2015
Great! Coffee Enema Kit 12/02/2015
Fast and accurate shipping. Great packaging and products. Lugols Iodine 2% 11/26/2015
prompt service Olive Leaf Extract 11/18/2015
I will be back! Thanks Olive Leaf Extract 11/18/2015
My order came promptly, and I am very pleased with it. Herbal hormone replacement 11/13/2015
easy order, came earlier, merchandise is an excellent cond., will order again. Alpiste Seed 3lbs 11/12/2015
very easy to order Blue Z Water (use link provided) 11/09/2015
Wonderful product and fast shipping! Love this company and will purchase again. Coffee Enema Kit 11/04/2015
Love the seller great product thanks Olive Leaf Extract 11/02/2015
Surprisingly easy, buyer-friendly, hassle-free and over all very pleasant. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/29/2015
It was wonderful to receive the product so quickly after placing the order, awesome!!! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 10/28/2015
The packages I receive are always packaged well and they arrive in a timely manner. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 10/15/2015
I found to be very good in all aspects. Lugols Iodine 2% 10/09/2015
Very satisfied Lugols Iodine 2% 10/06/2015
very good product and service Alpiste Seed 2lbs 10/05/2015
Great transaction! Super fast delivery!! Great product! Thanks!!! Diatomaceous Earth (Silica) Supplement 8oz 09/26/2015
Great! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 09/24/2015
One word...Excellent!!! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 09/22/2015
Very satisfied with service Kidney 2oz 09/21/2015
prompt response to inquiry. super fast shipping. Olive Leaf Extract 09/19/2015
Great service. Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 09/05/2015
Great service! Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 09/05/2015
I liked it , but I will have to order more I didn't order enough for two person Alpiste Seed 3lbs 08/23/2015
Received the order quicker than expected. It was also packaged nicely. Alpiste Seed 3lbs 08/22/2015
I must say but this lady is an excellent herbalist I appreciate her honestly and her product works . Lugols Iodine 2% 08/22/2015
I used the product for a week & it made my blood sugar go up, took 3 days off & still no results. Alpiste seed 10Lbs 08/20/2015
A+++ Healing the kidneys 101 08/18/2015
order came in quickly. Herbal hormone replacement 08/12/2015
I love Marie she does a great job trying to help us in a natural way the way God intended. Olive Leaf Extract, etc. 08/11/2015
Product as promised and fast delivery! Highly recommended! Alpiste Seed 4lbs 08/04/2015
Easy transaction and fast shipping Alpiste Seed 5lbs 07/30/2015
They shipped right away and got my package in now time!! Alpiste Seed 3lbs 07/25/2015
I'm really enjoying your product I can see a difference in my energy and facial appearance. Thanks Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 07/24/2015
Product received as promised and arrived faster than anticipated, highly recommended! Alpiste Seed 2lbs 07/12/2015
great product and great service Diatomaceous Earth (Silica) Supplement 8oz 07/12/2015
I'm gradually seeing a difference in my skin and I feel a lot more energetic. thx and God bless Oxygen Rich Iron Tonic 16oz 07/08/2015
prompt service Kidney "911" 2oz 07/04/2015
Fast and prompt Get Mineralized! 4 oz 07/03/2015
Order, product, delivery, packaging all were excellent...very pleased overall. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 06/30/2015
Received my order fast and truly appreciated the free shipping. I'll use them again. Thank you!! Irish Sea Moss 900mg 90 Capsules (Chondrus crispus 06/22/2015
was very quick to fulfill and ship my order and very informative by email on arrival. Alpiste Seed 3lbs 06/13/2015
extremely excellent experience! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 06/10/2015
Love the book. Easily understood with easy to use recipes. Will highly recommend to anyone. Healing the kidneys 101 06/08/2015
great website. Looking for natural healing foods. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 06/02/2015
Came quickly impressed Alpiste Seed 2lbs 05/31/2015
Marie is a Godsend. She gives you wisdom and support for your health needs that work! Phone Consultation 05/26/2015
Fast and good quality product Alpiste Seed 1 lb 05/18/2015
No problems placing order.used paypal in cdn. Funds all successful. Thank you . Alpiste Seed 3lbs 05/15/2015
marie is the best.everyone should use her. $5 Question 05/12/2015
such a wonderful seller... great products !!!!! Magnesium Oil 8oz, etc. 05/09/2015
vey user friendly website order process went quick. Kidney 2oz 04/24/2015
Marie is wonderful MSM powder supplement 1lb. 04/17/2015
I was pleased to get my order speedily as usual. Thank you! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 04/17/2015
Your product is very favorable. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 04/15/2015
The most wonderful person, by incredibly far, that I have met to date in the Natural Health field!! Phone Consultation 04/12/2015
Thank you, Marie, for answering my $5 questions and for recommending TMG, T-2, Get Mineralized! Get Mineralized! 4 oz, etc. 03/29/2015
Love everything. Sweet Dreams insomnia powder 4oz, etc. 03/27/2015
It was a pleasure talking to the consultant. She was very informative. Phone Consultation 03/26/2015
Love this product. Alpiste seed 10Lbs 03/26/2015
I am very happy with all my products and will definitely be ordering again. Herbal hormone replacement, etc. 03/24/2015
I am very pleased with video & fast shipment. Raymond Johnson Alpiste Seed 5lbs 03/20/2015
Wonderful customer service and timely Alpiste seed 10Lbs 03/14/2015
Very quick return , excellent Chia Seed 1lb, etc. 03/03/2015
Received quckly, great product! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 02/23/2015
So far so good. Shipping was faster than fast and the product looks wholesome and good. Thanks. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 02/05/2015
Fast and easy. Very quick shipment of product. Very wonderful package. True Quality ! Alpiste seed 20Lbs 02/02/2015
Got them and cant wait to try them! Thanks seller!! Alpiste Seed 1 lb 01/10/2015
Delivery was super fast. Seed was clean & came in a nice resealable bag. Hubbies sugar has dropped! Alpiste Seed 5lbs, etc. 01/09/2015
You always ship very quickly!! Thank you Alpiste Seed 5lbs 01/09/2015
Our experience with Aplacetoheal order #3144515 was very positive! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 12/19/2014
Special thanks for your speedy and gift of an extra package for this order. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 12/12/2014
Received exceptional service. Alpiste Seed 5lbs, etc. 12/11/2014
Very satisfied with the product and the customer service, quick response to all concerns. Coffee Enema Kit 12/11/2014
One word.....awesome!! Alpiste Seed 2lbs 11/24/2014
Prompt delivery Alpiste Seed 2lbs 11/22/2014
e3xcellent service Herbal hormone replacement 11/12/2014
Promt service and quality product. Alpiste Seed 1 lb 11/01/2014
great product, just be cautious about the caffeine. i had bad shakes for hours. not a good feeling Coffee Enema Kit 10/28/2014
pleased with product and shipping from a place to heal Alpiste Seed 2lbs 10/26/2014
Excellent product and service. Lymphatic 2oz 10/24/2014
very good, my order came so fast, what a blessing, Daniel Alpiste Seed 2lbs 10/24/2014
Delighted with such prompt service. I explained that I was leaving the country . Womans Aphrodisiac 2oz, etc. 10/18/2014
Was pleased i received my order so fast...If the seeds help me i will be ordering again.. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 10/18/2014
Orders arrive in a very timely fashion, usually within 3 days. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/16/2014
The order arrived safely yesterday, Oct. 14th. We have a question about the level of silica in this Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/15/2014
Excellent service. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/09/2014
Excellent fast service! Will order from this person again. Alpiste Seed 3lbs 10/07/2014
So far .... so GOOD..... thanks so much!! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 10/03/2014
I am very satisfied in doing business with eCRATER. Shipping was speedy, product is excellent. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 09/12/2014
All went well, will buy again. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 09/10/2014
Great service Alpiste Seed 2lbs 09/07/2014
Very prompt on sending product. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 09/05/2014
Fast service product was great. Will order again. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 09/05/2014
I appreciate the excellent fast service and the really nice customer service.Thanks again! Alpiste Seed 3lbs 08/29/2014
Great quality products and I received them so fast. Free shipping makes all the difference. Womans Aphrodisiac 2oz, etc. 08/21/2014
Confidence is building in your order process! Thank you! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 08/07/2014
Very quick and satisfied Alpiste Seed 1 lb 08/05/2014
Quick shipment with clean, fresh product in tight packaging. Good communication and Good experience Alpiste Seed 2lbs 07/14/2014
Very prompt response. Many thanks! Alpiste Seed 5lbs 06/19/2014
Easy and fast Alpiste Seed 2lbs 05/24/2014
Fast serice Alpiste Seed 4lbs 05/21/2014
I like your wonderful service, I will continue to order from you, thanks Alpiste Seed 5lbs 04/25/2014
Excellent!!! I am very happy. The best service I have ever had. Alpiste Seed 2lbs 04/19/2014
thank you very much i recieve the order faster than i expected. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 04/04/2014
I ordered the same item last week and I received it within 3 days. Very efficient and I like that. Alpiste Seed 5lbs 03/11/2014
I was impressed by the quality of all products as well as the professional customer service. Lung Tea, etc. 02/04/2014
The order came very quick, got a shipping confirmation the same day I placed the order. re-ordering Alpiste Seed 1 lb 01/15/2014
Quick arrival, clean seeds. Will order more Alpiste Seed 1 lb 01/06/2014
Order received promptly. Good job. Alpiste Seed 3lbs 01/03/2014
Wonderful product and shipping was very fast Alpiste Seed 2lbs 12/28/2013
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